Neet Preparation 2024

Are You Still Wasting Money on NEET Preparation in 2024?

NEET 2024

A man who dares to waste  hour of time has not discovered the value of life

Preparing for the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) can be a challenging and costly endeavor. Many aspiring medical students invest significant time, effort, and money into NEET preparation in 2024, hoping to secure admission to a reputable medical college. However, not everyone achieves the desired results, leading to frustration and the loss of a precious academic year.

Hence, as a result people start saying- i wasted my drop year for NEET, should i take a drop for NEET preparation in 2024.

Proof that MBBS is over-ratted

NEET Preparation in 2024

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In this blog, we present an alternative solution that can save you from wasting time and money on continuous NEET preparation in 2024: pursuing a Bachelor of Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology (BASLP) degree at the Institute of Health Sciences in Bhubaneswar.


While MBBS is a popular choice, BASLP offers unique advantages. With specialized focus on audiology and speech-language pathology, BASLP prepares you for a rewarding career.

The growing demand, diverse opportunities, and potential to positively impact lives make BASLP an excellent choice for those passionate about communication disorders and rehabilitation. For more detail, Read our complete analysis on BASLP VS MBBS.

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Exploring the BASLP Program:

The BASLP program is one of the best paramedical courses with high salary without NEET and offers a rewarding and promising career path in the field of audiology and speech-language pathology.

It equips students with comprehensive knowledge, practical skills, and clinical expertise to work with individuals having communication disorders.

By pursuing this program, you can specialize in diagnosing and treating various speech, language, and hearing impairments, making a significant difference in people’s lives. You can check complete BASLP course details.

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Diverse Career Opportunities In BASLP:

Choosing a BASLP course opens up a wide range of career opportunities in healthcare and rehabilitation settings.

As a BASLP graduate, you can work in hospitals, speech and hearing clinics, schools, research institutions, or even start your own practice.

The demand for qualified audiologists and speech-language pathologists is growing, ensuring a stable and fulfilling professional journey. Check BASLP Syllabus.

Admission to the Institute of Health Sciences, Bhubaneswar

NEET Preparation in 2024

NEET preparation in 2024:Instead of investing more time and money into, consider enrolling in the Institute of Health Sciences in Bhubaneswar.

Known for its excellence in health sciences education, the institute offers a comprehensive BASLP program.

With state-of-the-art facilities, experienced faculty, and a supportive learning environment, it provides a solid foundation for your career in audiology and speech-language pathology.

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Advantages of BASLP Course:

NEET Preparation in 2024

By choosing BASLP over prolonged NEET preparation in 2024, you can save valuable time and start building a specialized skill set in audiology and speech-language pathology.

You will gain practical experience through clinical internships and be prepared to enter the workforce sooner.

Additionally, the BASLP degree offers a well-balanced curriculum that combines theoretical knowledge with hands-on training, ensuring a holistic education.

Making a Difference With Audilogy:

Working in audiology and speech-language pathology allows you to make a positive impact on people’s lives.

You will have the opportunity to help individuals overcome communication challenges, improve their quality of life, and restore their confidence.

The fulfillment derived from making a tangible difference in the lives of others is unparalleled.

Audiology Course In India

NEET Preparation in 2024

Institute of Health Sciences is one of the best BASLP  Colleges in IndiaThe institute has a 100% placement record.

IHS Bhubaneswar offers degree programs in the discipline of Physiotherapy, Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology.

For more than thirty years, this institution has influenced the paths of numerous Health Sciences students

BASLP degree will make a Clinician for dealing disorders of Head and neck region as an independent specialist. They deal with Hearing disorders, Balance Disorders, swallowing disorders, eating feeding disorders, speech defects, Language delay etc.


✅   Permanent Affiliation UTKAL UNIVERSITY

✅   B++ NAAC Accreditation (Quality Education Assured)

✅   Approved by RCI (Rehabilitation Council of India, New Delhi), a statutory body by Govt. of India

✅   Recognized by Govt. Of Odisha as REFERRAL HOSPITAL

✅   It has been associated with OPEPA/OCEPA in their integrated education for the disabled (IED) program

✅   Government of Odisha for medical officers and Para medical personnel.

✅   Recognized State Nodal Center of National Trust named Margdarsi,

Super Successful Alumni of Institute of Health Sciences, Bhubaneswar:

Biswajeet Sarangi, Managing director of Manning Audiology company of Australia, having a chain of 20 Clinics spread over different parts of the country.

Above source of content Audiology Course

NEET Preparation in 2024


If you find yourself trapped in a cycle of continuous NEET preparation without desired outcomes, consider the alternative path of pursuing a BASLP degree.

The Institute of Health Sciences in Bhubaneswar offers an excellent program that can set you on a fulfilling career journey in audiology and speech-language pathology.

Make a smart decision today and unlock a world of opportunities to make a meaningful impact in the field of healthcare.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How many students take a drop for NEET every year?

The exact number varies, but it is estimated that a significant number of students take a drop to prepare for NEET each year, hoping to improve their chances of admission to medical colleges.

Should I take a drop for NEET preparation in 2024?

The decision to take a drop depends on various factors, including your preparedness, dedication, and assessment of your strengths and weaknesses. Consider consulting with mentors, teachers, and experienced professionals to make an informed decision.

What to do if NEET score is low? 

If your NEET score is low, don’t lose hope. Explore alternative career options in related fields, consider counseling sessions to evaluate your strengths, or opt for courses like BASLP that offer promising career prospects in healthcare.

What to do if NEET is not qualified?

If you did not qualify in NEET, it’s essential to stay positive and assess your options. Consider alternative career paths like paramedical courses, allied health sciences, or exploring opportunities abroad. Seek guidance from mentors, career counselors, and professionals in the field.

What to do if NEET is not cleared in the first attempt?

Failing to clear NEET in the first attempt is not uncommon. Use this as a learning experience. Analyze your weaknesses, identify areas for improvement, and develop a comprehensive study plan. Seek guidance from teachers or coaching institutes to enhance your preparation strategy.

Can I crack NEET 2025 if I start now

Starting now gives you a reasonable chance to crack NEET 2025. Develop a well-structured study plan, allocate sufficient time for each subject, and focus on understanding concepts thoroughly. Seek guidance from experienced mentors, solve practice papers, and evaluate your progress regularly.

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