Anti Ragging Cell

‘Rehabilitation’ is a noble profession. It members are revered for their human values, compassion and consideration for their fellow human beings. Every student of Rehabilitation field shall therefore learn to be self-disciplined and observe rules and regulations as a matter of habit rather than because of fear of consequences. They shall at all times conduct themselves with proper dignity and decorum expected of a budding Professional

The following instructions are framed to prevent the menace of ragging and foster healthy interpersonal relations among students in the campus of Institute of Health Sciences, Bhubaneswar.



  1. Ragging is strictly forbidden in or outside the campus of IHS.
  2. All students shall familiarize themselves with rules/regulations/guidelines on code of conduct, anti-ragging measures and discipline of IHS.
  3. All ‘fresher’ should attend counselling sessions organized for them from time to time by the college staff.
  4. All ‘fresher’ are allotted to ‘Academic Counsellor’ by name. Students may approach him/her for personal/academic counselling.
  5. Any student who suffers ragging or notices occurrence of ragging shall immediately report the event to concerned authority.
  6. Incidences of ragging can be reported to any member of Anti-ragging squad, Anti-ragging committee of the college or to Academic counsellor.
  7. Students may report incidence of ragging either orally or in writing. They may also report the incidence in person or by phone. Anonymity of the caller will be maintained.
  8. The College Council has identified some senior students as ‘Mentor’. List of these students is placed on all notice boards of the college. A fresher may choose any one of them as his buddy. He/she will provide emotional and peer support to the fresher in coping with institutional transition.
  9. All fresher will be segregated & accommodated on one floor of the hostel. No senior student will be permitted to visit fresher’s room at any time of the day/night.
  10. Dining hall and timing for various meals will be specified for the fresher. No senior student shall enter that dining hall during time earmarked for fresher.
  11. Any victim of ragging not satisfied with the action taken by the Head of the Institution or by the University may submit an appeal in writing to report the event to the local police.

Anti-ragging Squad:

  1. The members of the squad will visit at least twice in a week all potential areas of ragging on or outside the campus
  2. The squad conduct surprise visits/raids on hostels and other hot spots of ragging and apprehend the culprits.
  3. It shall record all verbal/telephonic/written complaints and take action as stipulated in the bye-laws of the university.
  4. It shall keep the principal informed of all events/occurrences of ragging in the college.
  5. Anti-ragging squad will be assisted by members of college teaching staff detailed by the office of the principal on day to day basis to keep vigil on untoward events.

Anti Ragging Committee for the year 2022-2023

1 Ms. Subhasmita Sahoo BPT & BASLP Principal Chairperson
2 Mrs Nalini Mohanty Programme Naac Co-ordinator Member
3 Mr. Sanjay Kumar Nayak Admin Administrative Officer Vice President
4 Prof. Susarla Srinivas Rau BPT HOD Member
5 Ms. Santoshini Das Hostel Warden Hostel Superitendent Member
6 Mr.Balaram Nahak Facility Facility Manager Member
7 Miss. Lipsa Debata BASLP Student- 1st Semester Member
8 Mr.Sudhansu Sekhar Lenka BPT Student- 1“ Semester Member

Anti Ragging Squad for the year 2022-2023

1 Ms. Shubhasmita Sahoo BASLP Associate Prof.

Anti Ragging Student Members for the year 2022-2023

1 Mr. Satyam Hota BASLP
2 Miss Deepti Pradhan BASLP
3 Miss. Aliva Alka Nanda BPT
4 Mr. Ashok Priyadarsan BPT