Objectives of the Practice

Due to rapid development in industrialization greenhouse emissions increased a lot in the last couple of years. As a result of which global warming tends to a great threat for all of us. Now it’s the time for us to adopt green revolution in order to give something back to mother earth as well as the generations to come. As a pioneering institution of Rehabilitation Science, IHS always put emphasize the social values and responsibilities. Green initiative is one of the finest outreach activities of the institution to defend the ecological imbalance and promote the welfare of the planet and its creatures. Van Mahotsav, Solar Panel installation, and Rain water conservation for water irrigation are some of the commendable initiatives performed by IHS in this prospect.

Traditional Dug Well

The traditional dug well at our institution has been a lifeline for decades, providing a reliable source of clean water for various purposes. It quenches our thirst, supports greenery and promotes sustainability. Its benefits extend to water conservation, self-reliance and a strong sense of tradition, enriching our institution's ecosystem.

Green Open Space

Greenery was created with shady trees to cool the air. Wide blade grass was used to cover the exposed land area. Many medicinal shrubs, creepers and trees dot the campus. The organic waste is recycled. Rainwater harvesting facilities are fitted at different places to recharge the ground water. Single use plastic is discouraged in the canteen. Solar lighting is installed at different places.

Life Forms

Plantation For Greening Of The Campus