Code Conduct For Staff

The faculty members of Institute of Health Sciences are instructed to maintain the ethics, discipline and integrity in the academic premises. The behavior and conduct of a teacher is always significant for the institution. All the faculties are advised to obey norms, instructions, rules and regulations implemented by the Institution. The violation of the code of conduct may be suicidal for their career.


Responsibility and Accountability

  • Every Staff should carefully handle their concern subjects assigned by the IHS
  • Teachers should complete the syllabus much earlier to the examination. Teachers will be answerable for the performance of the students in their concern subjects.  
  • Teachers should monitor the respective group of students who are attached to them.
  • Teachers are responsible to conduct the internal examination and evaluate their marks.
  • Teachers should help, guide, and encourage the students to hone their skill.
  • Teachers should maintain decorum both inside and outside the classroom in order to widespread a positive vibes in the institution premises.
  • Teachers should handle the academic, co-curricular and organizational activities of the institution with utmost care.

Punctuality and Attendance

  • Teachers must report the duty in time.
  • Prior written permission should be obtained for reporting late in the morning or leaving early in the evening
  • Teachers should use biometric system to record their presence in campus.
  • Tea2 chers are expected to be present in the college campus at least 10 minutes before the beginning time.
  • Teachers should remain in the institute campus till the end of the academic session


  • The staffs of the IHS are advised to submit the leave application at least two days earlier, when they need a CL.
  • 12 causal leave can be availed to the staffs of IHS in a calendar year.
  • Medical Leave will be allowed by producing the Medical Certificate
  • Study leave for higher studies will be granted only by the Director of IHS.
  • Faculties should also attend Faculty Development Programs, Quality Improvement Programs and seminars to enhance their credibility.
  • Absence from duty other than these reasons will be treated as violation of conduct and management can take action by monetarily compensation or termination.

General Rules

  • No teacher should deliberately neglect his/her duties
  • Faculty Associations should not be formed.
  • No Teacher should have political affiliation.
  • Teaching staffs should attend the institute with neatly dressed and wearing shoes. Dress code should be followed as the occasion demands.
  • No teacher should participate in any strikes or demonstrations either inside or outside the campus.
  • All the faculty members must always wear their identity badges while inside the college premises.
  • No faculty shall encourage any form of malpractice during semester or internal examination
  • Teaching staffs are encouraged to do research on their topic of interest. IHS will provide necessary infrastructure for the same.
  • All staffs of IHS are expected to attend academic meetings, seminars, functions like Sports Day, College Annual Day, Independence Day and Republic Day.
  • Teachers are expected to take up extra classes for Diploma and other Certificate Courses.
  • No staff shall Involve any monetary transactions with any student or parent without the knowledge of the accounts department of the institution
  • HOD is responsible for all the institutional properties belonging to their department. It is his/her responsibility to keep them in working order. For any lose or damage, written information should immediately send to the administrative department.

Code of Conduct for Non-Teaching Staff

  • Working hour for the Non-teaching staff is 9 A.M to 6 P.M. They should report the duty at least 30 minutes in earlier (8.30 A.M)
  • Non-Teaching staff must always wear their identity card inside the campus premises.
  • Any Loss or damage to any instrument in the Laboratory or Class Room should be immediately informed to the administrative officer of IHS.
  • Non-Teaching Staff shall maintain a stock register for all the computers and instruments. It shall be submitted to the Administrative department at the end of each semester
  • For articles damaged by the students a separate register should be maintained and if any money is collected from the student towards damages, as per the direction of the HOD, the amount shall be handed over to the College Accounts Staff, for deposit in the College account.
  • Non-teaching staff will carry out their duties as instructed by the authorities to whom they are attached.