Code Conduct For Student

In order to make positive vibes in the academic premises, IHS framed the code of conduct for its students. All student of the institution are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that contributes positivity to the academic premises in which respect, diversity, integrity, opportunity and inclusiveness are valued.


Our Guidelines

The Student Code of Conduct applies to all students of the institution. All students should obey Code of Conduct, policies, rules, and regulations implemented by the institution. Any student who violets the code of conduct will give a warning or an undertaking note for the violation. If it continues the student will be terminated from the institution.

Every student is bound to follow the rules and regulations of the Institution and maintain strict discipline.

  1. Ragging and smoking are strictly prohibited in the campus premise. Any violation will result in suspension from the institution.
  2. Every student shall conduct himself / herself in every respect to cause no disturbance to the work of the classes or to fellow students.
  3. Students should take the internal examinations and other assessments seriously. If one fails to attend or shows poor progress then they are counseled through mentors and the permission to appear in internal /model exam depends on the attendance during the preceding working days
  4. Every student shall handle the instruments of the institution with utmost care. Legal action like compensation and fine will be taken from the student for breakage of any institutional property
  5. Writing on walls, furniture and classroom board is strictly prohibited. During the class hours, students are forbidden from going to the canteen or common room. Violation of any of these tends to serious disciplinary action.
  6. Furniture should not be moved from any hall without the knowledge of the concerned Authority.
  7. Students are directed to discard wastes in dustbins placed in toilets, class rooms and canteen and are directed to  co-operate with the administration in keeping the university campus clean and tidy.
  8. Students who want to go out of the campus during regular academic hours, should get permission from the Head of the  Department
  9. Students should come to the class with formal dresses and shoes. They should definitely refrain from, coming to class room wearing jeans pant, T-shirts, shirts with printed sceneries or write up on the back and any other fancy dress. Students found violating the dress code will be sent out of the class by the concern teacher. 
  10. Students are not allowed to shout, hoot or whistle during the annual functions like the foundation day, sports Day or during inter-collegiate competitions and Guest Lectures etc.
  11. Before proceeding to any curricular, co-curricular and   extracurricular activities, the students should submit the ON DUTY form, duly signed by the concerned staff-in-charge to the HOD.
  12. Visitors / Guests or Parents will not be allowed to meet the student during the class hours except in case of emergency, for which the parent should get permission from the   Head of the institution.
  13. Students should not come late to the department. Late comers should meet the concern HOD before going to the class room.
  14. Students should not take leave without leave application. They should get prior approval from the concern HOD.
  15. Students should obey and respect all staff members of the department.
  16. Students should co-operate with faculties to conduct doubt clearing classes for slow learners.
  17. Students are advised to keep their identity cards always with them.
  18. Students are advised to take their lunch in the canteen only.
  19. Long conversation with opposite gender in the campus and during the Educational tour should be avoided.
  20. If any student Uses, possess or distributes illegal drugs, alcohols, and Tobaccos in the academic premise , he will be punished severely on the basis of violation of conduct
  21. It is mandatory for all the students to uphold the name and fame of the institution.
  22. The Principal/Administrative officer of the institution reserves the powers to fine, suspend or even expel a student from the department in the interest of the institution under disciplinary action