Collaboration Recognizing the mission and vision and the contribution towards disability sector different organizations collaborated with Margdarsi.

In collaboration with Govt. of Odisha, dept. of SSEPD Mardarsi is providing therapeutic and rehabilitative services under the programe “Rehabilitation of physically and mentally challenged socially disadvantaged persons with intellectually disabilities.” A Govt. initiative rehabilitation programe for the children with Intellectual disabilities.


SCHOOL FOR AUTISM - In support with Govt. of Odisha dept. of SSEPD, Margdarsi is running one special School i.e. School for Autism.

Physiotherapy Clinic for Senior Citizens

To provide geriatric people with proper care with a innovative approach which comprises mainly of physiotherapeutic intervention and other adjunctive therapy for a better prognosis of their condition, I H S started “Physiotherapy clinic for senior citizens” in collaboration with Govt. of Odisha, dept. of SSEPD and the district office Khurda.

  • KSHYAMATA EXPRESS: IHS in collaboration with SSEPD Department of Odisha launched the Kshyamata Express mobile rehabilitation unit. Comprehensive rehabilitation services starting from awareness generation/education to assessment of special needs & professional consultation/guidance services including referral and networking with Govt. agencies for catering to the diagnosed needs
ESIC Hospital: to provide medical facilities to employees in case of sickness, maternity and employment injury and to make provision of related matters.
SRL lab for diagnostic services: I H S collaborated with SRL to establish co-operation and research in neuro developmental disorders more specifically assessment & diagnostics to plan rehabilitation.
CHANDAKA HEALTH CARE PVT. LTD.: For financial and material support to carry research activities at I H S.
QUANTUM HEALTH CARE: for scientific study of patients for the production of prosthetics and orthotics.
ALL INDIA INSTITUTE OF MEDICAL SCIENCES: For research work in hearing & technology and Audiological rehabilitation. Also for student exchange and internship
LABAT Asia: for training of students for speech pathology and Tinnitus
CYCLOPS: for research work in hearing & technology and Audiological rehabilitation.
DANAAH: for online training of students for modern technology covering Audiology, speech diagnostics & therapeutics.
I M S & SUM HOSPITAL: for research work in hearing & technology and Audiological rehabilitation.
WIDEX India Pvt. Ltd.: I H S Co operated with WIDEX for research in Hearing Sciences, Hearing aid Technology and Audiological Rehabilitation
Chakradhar Institute of Rehabilitation Sciences: for collaboration of joint research work, exchange of clinical and academic staff.
Nalco: I H S collaborated with NALCO and has been empanelled as the referral hospital of NALCO.