About Masters In physiotherapy Cardio Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Master's in Physiotherapy with a specialization in Cardiothoracic Rehabilitation is a postgraduate program that focuses on the study and treatment of individuals with cardiovascular and thoracic conditions through physical therapy interventions.

Cardiothoracic rehabilitation physiotherapists are trained to work with patients who have undergone cardiac surgeries, such as bypass surgeries or heart transplants, as well as those with chronic heart and lung conditions. The goal of cardiothoracic rehabilitation is to improve cardiovascular fitness, respiratory function, and overall physical well-being.


The curriculum for a Master's in Physiotherapy with a focus on Cardiothoracic Rehabilitation may include courses on cardiac anatomy and physiology, pulmonary rehabilitation, exercise prescription for cardiac patients, and evidence-based practices in the field. Clinical placements and research projects related to cardiothoracic rehabilitation may also be part of the program.

The curriculum of MPT cardiopulmonary consist of the anatomy and physiology of the cardiorespiratory and vascular systems and their disorders affecting the systems, performing patient assessment on the basis of appropriate principles.

 It includes interpretation of relevant laboratory, radiological and cardio respiratory investigations.

 Addition to that patho mechanics, biomechanics, physical diagnosis and evaluation, exercise physiology, evidence-based treatment, ethics, research and methodology is included.

 One month externship will be provided after each semester in recognized hospitals.

Scope of Practice

Completing a Master's in Cardiothoracic Rehabilitation can lead to career opportunities in hospitals, cardiac rehabilitation centers, pulmonary rehabilitation facilities, and outpatient clinics. Cardiothoracic physiotherapists play a crucial role in helping patients recover from cardiovascular and thoracic surgeries, manage chronic conditions, and improve their overall cardiovascular and respiratory health.

 Carrer placements will be available from time to time in recognised hospitals.

 It gives opportunities in hospitals ICU, cardiac rehabilitation centres, pulmonary rehabilitation facilities and outpatient clinics.

 Having an MPT degree will also make students eligible for a variety of academics, research projects and leadership positions in addition to clinicians.

 It makes room for more advanced investigations and further higher studies.

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