About Masters in Physiotherapy Paediatrics

A Master's in Physiotherapy with a specialization in Pediatrics is a postgraduate program that focuses on the study and treatment of children and adolescents through physical therapy interventions. Pediatric physiotherapists are trained to work with infants, children, and young adults who have various developmental, musculoskeletal, neurological, or congenital conditions.

The curriculum for a Master's in Physiotherapy with a focus on Pediatrics typically includes courses on child development, pediatric anatomy and physiology, assessment and treatment techniques specific to pediatric populations, and evidence-based practices in pediatric physiotherapy. Clinical placements and practical experience working with children in diverse settings may also be part of the program.

Completing a Master's in Pediatric Physiotherapy can lead to various career opportunities in hospitals, pediatric clinics, schools, early intervention programs, and other healthcare facilities. Pediatric physiotherapists play a crucial role in promoting movement and functional abilities in children, addressing physical challenges, and supporting their overall development and well-being.

Working with pediatric patients requires specialized knowledge and skills, and this program provides physiotherapists with the expertise needed to meet the unique needs of children and young individuals throughout their growth and development.


  • The curriculum for the Masters of Physiotherapy in pediatrics take detailed history, perform complete physical assessment including neuro developmental and behavioral assessment of the child and frame appropriate advanced pediatric physiotherapy care.

  • It too consists of formulating a treatment approach to facilitate motor skill acquisition in a child with developmental delay. Along with that it will emphasis on anatomy, pathomechanics, biomechanics, physical diagnosis and evaluation, exercise physiology, evidence-based treatment, ethics, research and methodology.

  • One month externship will be provided after each semester in reputed hospitals.

Scope of Practice

  • Carrer placements will be available from time to time in recognized hospitals.

  • It gives opportunities in hospitals, pediatric clinics, schools, early intervention programs, and other healthcare facilities.

  • Having an MPT degree will also make students eligible for a variety of academics, research projects and leadership positions in addition to clinicians.

  • It makes room for more advanced investigations and further higher studies.

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