Research and innovation along with contributing to the community is a necessity. It enables us to come up with new ideas which help us get rid of the stereotypic learning methods.

Research is defined as the "systematic and sustained effort to enhance the acquisition of knowledge." The main goal of Institute of Health Sciences is to promote research within the community. Teaching and learning are the main pillars of our institution, and it is through these that we help students to cultivate a lifelong passion for learning.

Research and innovation are two of the most important terms which exist nowadays in world. These terms are related with each other and these terms are known as the basis of scientific and medical advancements. The institute is doing lots of hard work to build a strong relation between these two main terms- research and innovation. So, let's have a look at some of the significant contribution made by institute in promoting these two terms.

Sl no. Name Designation Department Total number of publications Poster presentations Oral presentations
1 Subhasmita Sahoo HOD Audiovestibular Medicine, IHS, Bhubaneswar 13 5 10
2 Niharika Dash Assistant Professor Speech Language Pathology,IHS, Bhubaneswar 5 1 5
3 Trupti Lata Baral Clinical Tutor Speech Language Pathology, IHS, Bhubaneswar 3 10 3
4 Raj Shekhar Assistant Professor Audiology, IHS, Bhubaneswar 1 - -
5 Dipti Pradhan Student BASLP - - 2
6 Satyam Hota Student BASLP - - 1


"Scripting Ideas in Rehabilitation Sciences"

Institute of Health Sciences organizes “Authority Event” for celebrating the success of the achievement of the Indian authors, who have contributed to enrich the profession by writing content and publishing. They deserve the limelight as an Authority. Most of the professional training are being done using books authored by foreigners. Indian heritage, socio-cultural practice and Indian languages need sensitive handling to script professional books. Professionals of Indian origin can do justice when they write books for Indian audience. Their work deserves appreciative audience and acknowledgement on suitable platforms for its relevance.

The event Authority is planned to showcase the contribution of Indian authors in rehabilitation sciences. This program provides the pedestal to deliver the author’s message to future of the profession.

This year the authority event was held on 14th August 2022 at Vivekananda Kendra, Bhubaneswar. 19 authors have received Authority Award this year for publishing their books in Rehabilitation Sciences.

Sl no. Name Designation/ Department
1 MR. RAMKISHORE SHARMA Retd.,HOD, National Career Service Centre for Differently Abled (NCSCDA), Government of India
2 DR. SANTOSH KUMAR SWAIN Professor & HOD, Department of ENT and Head & Neck Surgery, IMS and SUM Hospital, Bhubaneswar
3 PROF.S.S. RAU Professor, Department of physiotherapy, Institute of Health Sciences, Bhubaneswar
4 DR. PREMANANDA MISHRA Lecturer in Special Education in NIEPVD Dehradun
5 MS. SHIRLY. G Special educator
6 MR. VENKAT RAMAN PRUSTY Senior Audiologist, and Speech-Language Pathologist at AIIMS, Bhubaneswar.
7 MS. PREMA DEVI Asst. Professor in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology, at Dr. BRAM Hospital, Raipur, Chhattishgarh.
9 DR. SUSHMIT MISHRA Audiologist, Professor,IIRS
10 MR. GANESWAR SATPATHY Retd. Mobility Instructor in the Dept. of SIDR, Govt of Odisha.
11 DR. BASANT KUMAR NANDA Lecturer in Physiotherapy at SVNIRTAR,Olatpur, Odisha
12 DR. PRIYADARSHINI MISHRA Associate Professor of Physiotherapy & IQAC coordinator at the Institute of Health Sciences, Odisha.
13 DR. SATYAJIT MOHANTY HOD, Medcare Hospital & Research Center
14 MR. SWARUP BIKASH MISHRA Founder and Director of Shrestha hearing, vertigo, speech care, and research centre, Bhubaneswar.
15 DR. NIHAR RANJAN MOHANTY Principal of the Gayatri College of Physiotherapy, Sambalpur.
16 MS. ABHIPSA PARIDA Occupational Therapist, Kids Incredible, Bhubaneswar, Odisha.
17 DR DEEPAK SAMANTARY Principal of Hi-tech College Of Physiotherapy, Bhubaneswar, Odisha.
18 MS. PRAGNYA PARIMITA BEHERA Lecturer and Academic Coordinator in Namitadevi Special B.Ed College, Bhubaneswar, Odisha
19 MS. SEEJAL SHREST ASLP in Patliputra Speech and Hearing Clinic, Patna.
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The field of rehabilitation sciences is based on the principles of restoring or improving the human movement and functioning. IHS conducts educational research in this field since its inception in 1999. To promote research activities in the field of rehabilitation technologies, the institute has not only introduced many scholarly prizes but also maintains active communication with national and international medical, scientific, academic and student groups.With immense talent, creativity and innovation Institute of Health Sciences is bringing the real change in the field of rehabilitation science and technology by organizing the event named “ISAM COMNCLAVE”

This year ‘ISAM Comnclave’ held on 13th March,2022, at IHS, Bhubaneswar. The intention is to have Industry Academia Interface. The industry should set the agenda for research leading to technology solutions and product development. Indian industry should be showcased for its products, strength and future focus. IHS invitedthe innovators to join the event with their ideas for shaping it into a project as they can lead theway to reset the agenda of Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Selected authors of researchpapers from across India will interact with selected Industry Leaders or representatives leading topossible collaboration for development projects.

ISAM- Journal (Indian Jouranl of Audiology)

Audiology has grown over the recent decades from an assessment of hearing functionwithvoluntary participation of the patient to efficient electro physiological assessment ofAudio vestibular function. Range of technology solutions have made hearing aidsintelligent support systems for hearing health. The advances in diagnostics and rehabilitation has positioned Audiology as a reliable health care discipline. Audiologyhowever has expanded to deal with a lot of variety of challenges. For example, the space sciences for dealing with influence of gravity related issues. While space tourism is gaining special attention, Audiology is gearing up for handling health issues that might crop up with space travellers. Audiology discipline is braving itself for digital transform using Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, Virtual reality and Internet of Things for effective solutions for hearing problems. But new domains of challenges are constantly cropping up. Auditory Neuropathy, Vestibular Neuropathy, Auditory Integration disorders, Auditory Processing disorders and in recent times, Autoimmune Inner Ear Disorders will keep the Hearing Scientists on their toes for delivering effective remedies to the disorders. While the profession has a long way to go, the publications like ISAM Journal will play its role of a suitable platform to showcase the research and development. It has been decide to publish the ISAM Journal twice a year. The ISAM Journal will play its role as the Indian Journal of Audiology and promote Indian professionals.


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Indian Journal of Communication Sciences

Indian Journal of Communication Sciences was a response to the need of adedicated platform for Indian research in Speech Sciences, SpeechLanguage Pathology, swallowing and feeding disorders. The professionalsin hospitals, medical colleges and rehabilitation centres are engaged insolving the problems of scores of people. India being not just the home to20% of world population, but is insanely diverse in its socio-cultural, ethnicand linguistic fabric. No single test tool, assessment protocol and even intervention modality will do justice to India as a whole. A lot of locallyrelevant research should be conducted to make the professionals effective.And this Journal is positioned to play the role of facilitator and motivator forcommunication scientists to keep innovating.