All India Comnclave of Research, Innovation & Entrepreneurship 2023

What an Inspiring Day at the All India Comnclave 2023! On September 8th, 2023, we witnessed a spectacular gathering of innovators, thinkers, and visionaries at the National Institute of Technology, Chandaka Village, Bhubaneswar. Hosted by the Autonomous Institute of Health Sciences and the Atal Incubation Centre, this event was a true celebration of Research, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship in the field of Medical Rehabilitation. Highlights: Dr. Sidharth Giri, the brilliant Scientist from ICMR, Bhubaneswar, enlightened us with his wisdom. Mr. Durga Prasad Gowda, COO at AIC-Nalanda Institute of Technology, graced us as the Guest of Honor. Prof. Satya Mahapatra, Director of Autonomous Institute of Health Sciences, welcomed everyone with open hearts. We ignited the event with a traditional Lamp Lighting ceremony, followed by the heartwarming felicitation of our esteemed guests. But that's not all! We proudly unveiled not one, not two, but THREE groundbreaking journals - a testament to the dedication of our researchers. And the real star of the show? The Idea Presentation Competition! From the corners of India, 18 innovative ideas shone bright, representing institutions like IIT Bombay, All India Institute of Speech and Hearing, ICMR Patna, CMC Vellore, and more. This event was a platform where ideas met action, where research met innovation, and where dreams met reality. The winner of Comnclave 2023 is Dr. Vivek Kumar. Thank you to everyone who made this day unforgettable. Stay tuned for the amazing journey ahead as we continue to transform healthcare through research, innovation, and entrepreneurship! #AIComnclave2023 #InnovationMatters #Entrepreneurship #MedicalRehabilitation #IHSSecure