Master's in Physiotherapy (MPT): Neurology

Why to study

The scope for physiotherapy in India had been widening due to increased awareness of its benefits, advancements in technology, and the government's focus on healthcare development. However, please note that the job market can change over time, so it's essential to check more recent sources to get the latest information on physiotherapy employment opportunities in India.

  • Specialization: A Master's program allows students to specialize in specific areas of physiotherapy, such as sports rehabilitation, neurology, pediatrics, orthopedics, cardio respiratory care, etc. This specialization enhances expertise and career prospects.

  • Advanced Clinical Skills: MPT programs offer in-depth training, advanced techniques, and research opportunities, enabling graduates to become highly skilled practitioners.

  • Career Advancement: Having a Master's degree can open doors to leadership positions, research roles, and teaching opportunities in academic institutions.

  • Industry Recognition: Employers often value candidates with advanced degrees, recognizing their dedication and commitment to the field.


  • The curriculum for the MPT in neurology will concentrate on different area of expertise, typically on anatomy, pathomechanics, biomechanics, assessment, physical diagnosis and evaluation, exercise physiology, evidence-based treatment, ethics, research and methodology.

  • Along with that, specialisation-based neurology subjects and conditions will be emphasised separately.

  • One month externship will be provided after each semester in reputed hospitals.

Scope of Practice

  • Carrer placements will be available from time to time in recognised hospitals.

  • Having an MPT degree will also make students eligible for a variety of academics, research projects and leadership positions in addition to clinicians.

  • It makes room for more advanced investigations and further higher studies.

  • Be an effective member of team-based approach to patient care and to take a leadership role in the team as appropriate.

Overall, pursuing a Bachelor's in Physiotherapy lays the foundation for a career in the field and provides the necessary qualifications to start working as a physiotherapist. On the other hand, a Master's in Physiotherapy offers specialization, advanced clinical skills, and broader career opportunities for those seeking to excel and advance in their physiotherapy career.

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